This Fashionista Momma Went Shopping, Part 2

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Here’s part 2 of my shopping spree as promised :) .


White multi-color polka dot tunic from DECODED. I found it at AAFES on sale for $7. There was a blue color of this but I picked up the white one. I’m feeling white this season :) . The keyhole tie on the back looks cute ‘eh?


When my husband bought some bargains from OLD NAVY , I picked up this bootcut dark-wash jeans for myself, $14.99 . It’s funny coz, the other day I was brainstorming in my head and told myself I need to buy a new pair of dark-wash jeans. Then I remembered I just bought one..LOL. I completely forgot about it. DO’H. I think it’s a sign telling me to organize my closet, heh.


My New Orgasmic Pair of Shoes. Her...

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Help Me Find Tops For My Black Pinstriped Trouser

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sil_dexie_blackpinstriped_pants1.jpg I bought this My Michelle black pinstriped trouser from the past Memorial Day SALE but I haven’t had a chance to wear it. I want to wear it to Chruch first but I’ve discovered I don’t have the proper top for it. I know that I want something solid like black, grey or white. Even pale pink would do. Definitely something that doesn’t show any signs of cleavage, heh. A feminine solid top that could so go with any of my skirts and other trousers that I plan on buying in the future. I have all sorts of printed blouses in different cuts such as babydoll, smocked , camisoles, etc… I don’t think they would compliment the trouser the way I have it my head so here I am in search for affordable blouses with the aforementioned specifications :) .

I searched the 15DollarStore to check if they have anything I might consider and here are some of them. Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them with me. It will be much apprecaited. Thanks.


The silvery chain on the V-neck wi...

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Nothing Over $15 @ Hot Couture

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Thanks to Hot Mama Pascalle for introducing me(US) to a store called where everything is $15. Well, I’m about to introduce you to Hot Couture where nothing sells for more than $15. Yup, that means there are items less than $15. AWESOME find I might add.

Take a look at these $12 Tops that I found at the store…

A-Line jersey knit with boho print. Perfect with any jeans.

How abo...

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This Fashionista Momma Went Shopping, Part 1

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You’d didn’t think just because I didn’t have a fashion for less blog for a month that I would stop shopping, did you? I hope not coz that’s certainly not what a sane shopaholic does. At least not this bargain shopaholic anyway :) . Let’s just say I’ve been collecting and was just waiting for the right time to unveil my haulage of goodies for when Style It Less is ready for her close-up. Well that day has come so buckle your seats while I show you my bargains, part 1. Uh huh!

When my husband was looking for a comfortable work shoes he couldn’t make up his mind. We went to different stores but to no avail. Well, for him anyway. I was another story. I found stuff for myself(and the kiddos). What can I say, I can’t say NO to SALES :) .

From CATO : White Cropped Pants, $12.99, Patterned Ruched Blouse, $7.99





Oh how I LOVE this white cropped pants. My derriere looked really nice in it ;) . The blouse on the other hand though is a little tricky. It looks so big on me. Almost matronly actually. I’m thinking of maybe wearing a wide belt with it. I refuse to give it up coz I really like the ruched sleeves and the ruched V-neck. I just have to be creative somehow to make it work.

From WalMart : Summer White Dress, $13


The keyhole r...

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Let’s Style It Less, Hello(Again) My Fellow Bargain Fashionistas

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sil_dexie_icon1.pngLooking fabulous in bargains is my lifestyle. I live and breathe SALES. I believe anyone can look good in a fraction of a cost. It’s unfathomable for other people which is why I’m here to prove them otherwise . This is actually my second blog relating to being stylish in an affordable way. Due to circumstances that I’m not going to discuss here I had to leave the old blog...

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