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  • Faith  says:

    Hello, my name is Charaze, a stiletto/heels lover and blogger like you and a new one at that, lol. I saw your blog while searching for blogs who share the same interest as mine. I thought I would send you a message to see if you would be interested to exchange links with me or with my blog (its

    I enthusiastically make blog posts about heels and fashion and keep my visitors updated. I also plan to make fashion reviews and posts as soon as I’m confident enough about my resources with such a category. It would be cool to have both posts about stilettos and fashion reviews under one site. Wouldn’t you agree?

    As for what I’m trying to say, I would be glad to feature your blog on my blog as one of its featured links to my visitors. We can do regular guest posting to spice things up or what not. Email me so we can discuss more about how we would do it.


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