Christian Siriano’s Limited-Edition Spring 2010 Pumps

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This is one of the few times when I am in no way crying my eyes  out because a collection is only limited-edition. As far as I’m concerned, Christian Siriano’s Limited Edition Spring 2010 Pumps never should’ve even come to life.


christian-siriano-payless-spring2010-limited-edition1  christian-siriano-payless-spring2010-limited-edition2 christian-siriano-payless-spring2010-limited-edition3


Seriously, these fugly and atrocious looking shoes should’ve just stayed in Christian’s sketch book. Better yet, locked in his brain. This is taking the term “killer heels” to a literal murderous level. Did Payless think about the repercussions in selling these pumps?  I love heels as the next person, but it would be like taking my own life if I put those heels on.


Limited Edition Avant-Garde my behind. It’s a twisted ankle and lawsuits waiting to happen. Maybe it’s meant for display? Even so, I wouldn’t waste $80 on a pair. Payless please, you know better.


2 comments to Christian Siriano’s Limited-Edition Spring 2010 Pumps

  • KC  says:

    Ugly! lol.

    • Dexie  says:

      Sure is :)

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