Pre-Spring Shopping At Burkes Outlet

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I did some pre-Spring shopping for the kids yesterday at Burke’s Outlet and all that stuff in the picture totaled to $156 with a $5 credit to my One Card. I shopped mostly for my daughter who just recently went back to Kindergarten school(after homeschooling) but I grabbed a couple of tops for me and a couple of jeans for my son as well.

2 dresses, 1 pair of Osh Kosh low-top sneakers.

4 pairs of jeans.

3 cute tops

2 pairs of jeans for Caine.

1 red stripes tunic, 1 silk printed top for me.

My husband grabbed a hat too but he wore it as soon as we left the store so it wasn’t included in the picture. Some of these items were marked either the orange, green, and lavender dots which means they got either 30%, 50%, or 75% discounts. $156 for this loot is a good price but believe it or not, if I shopped at Burkes on a Friday, these would even be cheaper. So why didn’t I? Coz Monday was my husband’s day-off and since we were already out just the two of us, we figured we might as well.

I love Burkes Outlet. It’s like a more organized version of TJMaxx or ROSS!

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  • JMom  says:

    Glad to hear baby girl is back in school! I miss shopping for my girls. Now, they just take cash and do their own shopping. Enjoy :)

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