Mariah Carey In Sweats & YSL Tribute Pumps

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As if I needed another reason to roll my eyes at Mariah Carey, she comes out in sweats and YSL Tribute Pumps.

Mariah Carey, wearing stiletto heels and blue sweats, is accompanied by husband Nick Cannon to a medical building in LA

Did she just finished working out? Well who knows. Her Hubby is in sweats too and she is holding a water bottle so all fingers point to that. Mariah wasn’t feeling the sneakers after working out or not working out so she busted out her stilettos. Hey, if she was going to do it, she might as well wear a pair of Yves Saint Laurent’s, right.

Ayyyyy, what am I gonna do with you Mimi. Go create some good music like ‘We Belong Together’ or ‘Vision Of Love’ then maybe you’ll get my respect back. Until then, I’mma be rolling my eyes away. *sigh*

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  • Free Stylish Heels  says:

    The heels really flattered her legs – they look good on Mariah. Although I’ve never been a fan of Mariah wearing heels because I’m totally thinking of something else when I see her wearing one but this one changed my mind. Fabulous heels, though!

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