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KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.BUG: New Shimmer Hue For Summer

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KEVIN.MURPHY introduces COLOR.BUG in new Shimmer hue, giving locks instantaneous golden bronze highlights with temporary hair color. Shimmer joins existing shades Pink, Purple, Orange, White, and Neon, which can be swiped onto hair for quick color application, then easily washed out.

“SHIMMER.BUG is an exciting new addition to the COLOR.BUG line,” explains Kevin Murphy, stylist and founder of KEVIN.MURPHY. “The golden bronze hue yields multi-dimensional highlights without the commitment of permanent color. From the outer coppery metallic packaging to the inner bronze pressed powder, everything about this new product shouts glam and glitz. For golden highlights on dark hair, or to add radiance to lighter or red tones, SHIMMER.BUG is quick and convenient. Simply wipe on, then wash out!”

To get the shimmer look, first apply product to hair; for more intense color, prep hair with a thicker paste product like UN.DRESSED, and for a lighter shade, use a spray like HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY.

“Make sure your clothing is covered, and then use the color pad to rub powder onto completely dried hair,” adds Murphy. “Massage the product into your hair, shaking out any excess, to ensure that the color is spread evenly and no longer loose. Then shimmer the night away!”

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REDKEN Styling Shine Collection

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Outshine(anti-frizz polishing milk)

Light cream styler that defies frizz with super shine and clean definition. For all hair types and lengths.

• Shea butter adds softness
• Wheat protein strengthens hair
• Cationic polymers for detangling, smoothness and control
• Silicones add shine and frizz control

Wavy Hair: For a soft sensuous look, apply to damp hair, comb into waves and dry naturally.
Straight Hair: (that frizzes when dried naturally) – Apply to damp hair, blow-dry with a round brush for smoothness.

$17.50 (3.4 oz.)

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New Redken For Men Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo

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Description: Get the grit out of extra dirty hair with NEW Redken For Men clean brew extra cleansing shampoo. Containing Redken’s new Anti-Grit Technology, clean brew eliminates dirt and oil with a rich foamy lather and helps to purify the scalp using a blend of three key ingredients found in beer.

Product Details: clean brew extra cleansing shampoo’s formula featuring Anti-Grit Technology cont...

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Source Will Wigs

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Wearing wigs has been a common practice by celebrities for a few years now. These days it’s understandable to immediately assume when a celebrity has a gorgeous looking luscious hair that she”s probably wearing a wig or possibly an extension.

Of course these celebs have their own private hair stylists to look after them. For regular people like us we could go to Source Will. It’s an online wig store which has a good collection of indian remy human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Get this, they ship for free.

Here are a few selections for the full lace wigs. They come in different styles, color, and length.

Here are some in ...

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How To Green Up Your Routine

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Greening up your routine is definitely not a new idea, but there are many ways that you can jump on the bandwagon!

There is a variety of skincare items on the market that are natural and free of harsh chemicals. This is especially great for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin. There are loads of soothing ingredients in these skincare items like green tea, aloe vera, and chamomile that can really calm erupted skin. If you have acne/oily problems look for ingredients like witch hazel or tea tree oil which can really help too!

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Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

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Jonathan Product is a celebrity-inspired luxury hair care line. A harmonious fusion of nature and technology, Jonathan Product’s sulfate-free and 100% vegan formulas utilize purified, deionized Essential Water infused with natural botanicals to leave hair manageable, healthy and effortlessly beautiful. An expert approach to hair care and styling, simplified.

An exclusive, patented 2-stage showe...

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Fall 2011 Beauty Colors and Trends

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Rural birds:
The colors of nests, twigs, hay and rope will inspire an organic color card of whites and beiges for barely there skin care formulas and discreet make-up. Natural pigments for cosmetics with will be the ingredients of choice towards holistic rituals and well-being. An inner beauty for any age.



Forest birds:
Birds of the forest will inspire a color card of medium muted naturals beiges, brick and browns to celebrate the fall. The owl watches, and our make-up will focus this season particularly on the eye, round in powdered applications or smudged circles.



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KRLY Kids from Ouidad

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Say goodbye to tears and tangles with Ouidad’s exclusive line of products created to gently cleanse, condition and style children’s curly hair. The KRLY Kids line is extremely gentle, moisturizing and easy to use, making bath time fun again for kids of all ages.
No Time for Tears Shampoo

  • A gentle formula designed to cleanse curly hair without the tears
  • Proteins and amino acids create luxuri...
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Diane Kruger’s Hairstyle At The 2010 SAG Awards

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The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA

Diane Kruger was probably my Best Dressed at the recently concluded 2010 SAG Awards. She just looked radiant in her Jason Wu marigold off-the-shoulder gown. But I’m not here to talk about her gown, hehe. More on the hairstyle.


Celebrity stylist Mark Townsend shares how he did Diane’s romantic, soft, side-chignon hairstyle.

Photo by: Galaxy/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1/23/10 Diane Kruger at the Scree


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Kate Gosselin Finally Had A Hair Makeover

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The 2009 Women's Conference - Day 1 - Long Beach, California

Oh My Gosh how I hated that stupid hairstyle on Kate Gosselin. I just didn’t understand how she ever thought that looked good was beyond me. Well, thankfully, I think she finally accepted how much some people mocked her hair so she got a hair makeover. BTW, even though I hated her hairstyle, I never wrote a whole blog mocking it. I might have said snide remarks here and there but never like a full-blown article about it. Why am I telling you this?: Well, I don’t want you guys to think I’m mean… :lol:


Anyhooo, Kate Gosselin is now blonde and sporting hair extensions.




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